What does 444 mean? This angel number brings a 'phoenix energy' with its role in your life (2024)

When studying numerology, the number four is associated withtransformative energy. Haveyou been going throughmajor life changes, and do you keep seeing a sequence of fours pop up on everything?

These appearances may be no coincidence and could even be signs guiding you toward bigger shifts in your hopes and dreams.Angel numbers arerepeating number sequences, often used as a guide fordeeper spiritual exploration. From zero to nine, each numeral has its own significance.

In a conversation with numerologist Novalee Wilder, USA TODAY dives deeper into the number four and its angel number meaning, including how it pertains to relationships and careers.

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What does 444 mean?

Four often represents change, said Wilder. So, if you keep seeing the angel number 444 throughout your day-to-day, there may be upcoming shifts in your life.

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"It might be like physical move, like something is going to shift in your physical reality (or) might actually physical move," said Wilder. The angel number 444could also represent a viewpoint or outlook shift in life.

Of the 10 single digits, four is more rebellious than the others, and it signifies the inevitability of change, said Wilder.

"For four energy and seeing a lot of four,itusually depends on how well we cope with challenge and change," she said. "Some people love this.They're like, 'Yes,I'm just all in.'Other people get very scared."

Four and its repetition is an invitation just like any other angel number, but it is more insistent than the others."Here's the sign if you need to get off at this exit, (it is) right now," said Wilder.

"You got to do it. You might do it badly, but you still got to do it."

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When it comes to four energy and relationships, it can be "very explosive," said Wilder.

"You will see a lot of four energy sometimes like falling madly, deeply in love, or 'the person' finally showed up," she said.

However, with this angel number and its transformative nature, your love connection may not be with whom or how you expected them. They may change your viewpoint of what you want in the perfect person.

The angel number 444 can also appear when change is needed in your relationships, such as during break ups. This four energy is meant for rebellion. So, embrace and recognize what situations are no longer serving you and where you may not fit anymore, said Wilder.

"Sometimes it's the catalyst for more things," she said. "The more you see four, the more things can change."

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Change can be a good thing, especially when it comes to making advancements or shifts in your job. But it is important to be careful if you are seeing 444 when it comes to career.

Remain cautious and raise questions about whether these changes and opportunities being presented are worth it, said Wilder.

"Iswhatever the opportunity is too good to be true?" she said. "Can (the company)back up their claims on whatever it is they're offering?"

Likewise, the appearance of 444 can mean to pay more attention to the tradeoffs you're making within the workplace. While you may receive a bonus or, promotion, maybe you'reworking 60 hours per week now instead of 40.

The appearance of the angel number 444 gives you time to consider if this job or career change is worth it in the greater scheme of your life, said Wilder.

"Sometimes saying yes to a promotion might mean you have to say goodbye to your relationship," she said. "You have to own that. Right now, in your life, work is more important than your romantic relationship. Yes, we can have it all, but we can't have it allevery single day of our life."

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With new opportunities and potential on the horizon, 444 brings a "phoenix energy," said Wilder.

Seeing this angel number signifies a period of recreation or personal betterment. Think of it as a Pokémon evolution, said Wilder.

From thisfour and phoenix energy is also a connection to fire and a sense of burning down to build back up again.

"It'sbeing willing to kind of burn it down, if that's necessary, and believe that something better is going to come," said Wilder.

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Despite the call for change that 444 brings, it'simportant to remember to not just let things burn just because they can, said Wilder.

While 444 shows the importance ofchangingand shifting what is no longer serving you, there are certain rules or structures in place for a reason. Resist the urge to tear everything down.

"Definitely break whatever perceived structures are holding you back, but don't think you can fight the sun," said Wilder.

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What does 444 mean? This angel number brings a 'phoenix energy' with its role in your life (2024)
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